Week 2 – Entry 1

The Baby Vet

I read this blog post today and I really enjoyed reading it. I had a semi-similar experience during my second semester of my first year in the vet tech program. I had three girls that were the vet tech class before me gang up on me and hate me. It wasn’t overtly, since I had no idea they hated me or had a problem with me until they gave me a poor score on a peer evaluation. I felt like crap. I went to the teacher and asked why they gave me a bad score and she gave me the feedback. Ironically, the bad feedback was stuff they were doing too, so it was extremely hypocritical of them to single me out and say what they did. What the teacher told me to do was be positive and kill them with kindness. After she had met with all of them they instantly stopped talking to me all together. I would try to say hi as they walked past, but they wouldn’t even look at me. Whenever I talked to them I would be as nice as I could. I ended up passing the class thank gosh, but I never got over how they treated me.

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What not to do to resolve conflict
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What to do to resolve conflict

Thankfully this taught me to try to talk to them first and if they don’t care or respond to that, be the best I can be at everything so they have nothing to base their anger on.

This article is similar cause they went through the same thing, but to a larger extent and that person was more open with their feelings. I feel like this is a big issue in vet clinics or even in all work places. There is always conflicts within the work place. It’s unavoidable. Not everyone will like everyone, personalities conflict and tension does get high sometimes, especially in high stress work environments. It is good to attempt to work it out between the people that are having conflict, it is how things get resolved. I do like how the woman in the blog post used positivity instead of negativity to overcome this vet that didn’t like her for some reason. There is usually a better outcome if positivity is used rather than negativity.


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